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GTLight screens will appear at airports

GTLight specialists have started to implement a project to equip the airport. Volynov with LED display. The supporting metal structure has already been designed and the LED screen has been put into production. This facility is just the beginning of a large-scale work of the company in the field of comprehensive equipping of airports with LED displays and other equipment.
GTLight screens will appear at airports

Informational transport boards are one of the demanded technical solutions of our company. LED displays for transport infrastructure facilities have their own characteristics. A standard LED screen will not meet all the requirements of transport workers for the functionality of the scoreboard. At GTLight, products for railway stations are designed and manufactured taking into account the specifics of the facility and its infrastructure.

Airport electronic scoreboards

A prerequisite for the timetable display at the airport is a synchronous control system. Information on the display must be displayed in real time to ensure that the data is up to date for passengers.
GTLight screens will appear at airports

Air terminals are crowded places, and they are subject to increased security requirements. GTLight LED displays are an effective tool for alerting visitors in the event of an emergency. The board can display any information - text messages, evacuation plans, video instructions on actions during an emergency, etc. The board can be connected to the airport warning system and promptly display the necessary content in a critical situation.

LED displays integrate with the airport control center. It is from the control center, where information about what is happening at the airport, arrivals / departures, delays, weather conditions is consolidated, that the data is transmitted to the scoreboard. Information monitoring is carried out both by automatic programs and by a whole state of dispatchers. The sources of information for the control center are the internal services of the airport, and the departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and aircraft crews.

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