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Sports scoreboards for the ice arena ANO HC Stalker

The GT Light Company completed the implementation of a unique project for the Stalker hockey club. By order of the winner of the “Night League”, our company produced 2 full-color LED screens in the street version and a monochrome sports board for the hall. Especially for this project, the company's programmers have developed software to display judicial information.
Sports scoreboards for the ice arena ANO HC Stalker, photo 1

HC Stalker is the winner of the Night Hockey League, created on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the victory of Stalker in the All-Russian League festival in Sochi, the club management received from the president’s hands not only a cup, but also a certificate for the construction of an ice arena. As part of the technical equipment of the rink, it was decided to install modern LED sports displays, the manufacture of which was entrusted to our company.

Package included:

Two LED screens

  • Street performance;
  • The size of each 5.12 x 3.84 m;
  • Pixel pitch 8 mm;
  • Purpose - display the results of hockey matches.

One LED display

  • Interior design;
  • Size 2.88 x 1.92 m;
  • Appointment - installation in the hall of general physical training

The peculiarity of the project is the software developed by the specialists of The GT Light Company taking into account the specifics of hockey matches. None of the amateur hockey clubs can boast of a referee program of this level. The uniqueness of the development lies in the possibility of the simultaneous work of two specialists. The program allows you to not just display the score of the game. The user can enter various data into it, automatically generate game protocols, etc. Such extensive functionality greatly simplifies the work of referees and improves the accuracy of the results.

You can find out prices for LED sports LED displays, ask questions about the characteristics of models by leaving a request in our online chat to our manager. You can order a sports scoreboard for hockey or another sport at the manufacturer’s price with a guarantee, delivery and installation at the facility anywhere in the country.

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