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Renewed appearance of the Titov-Arena Sports Palace with LED-screen GTLight

Barnaul sports complex "Titov-Arena" has already raised questions with its appearance. The building was called a "box", and the color scheme of the facade, according to some opinions, does not fit into the architectural style of the city center. The large-scale reconstruction, organized by the owner of the Palace of Sports, is designed to turn the object not only into the main sports center of Barnaul, but also to make it a decoration of the metropolis.
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Residents can evaluate the next stage of modernization right now. A huge LED screen appeared on the facade of the building, the installation of which was carried out by our company GTLight. The 10 x 6 meter display is made of LED modules with a pixel pitch of 8 mm. This solution made it possible to achieve optimal image quality even from a short distance. Already from 6 meters, the picture looks as clear and detailed as possible. Viewers will be able to appreciate the high-definition sports broadcasts right from the site in front of the sports complex.

LED screen for Titov-Arena

Another feature of the GTLite screen is a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees. That is, you can watch what is happening on the display, being not only in a straight line, but also from the side. The image will still remain perfectly visible, which is very important for such outdoor structures intended for a large audience.

Equipping sports facilities with LED equipment is one of the key activities of our company. You can order LED screens for a stadium or a sports hall, taking into account the characteristics of the object. We manufacture LED displays for both outdoor and indoor use. The equipment is adapted to high humidity (pool displays), low temperatures (hockey LED displays). In addition, we are developing special software that allows you to integrate screens with different types of refereeing systems.

We can offer the most modern technical and design solutions, taking into account the characteristics of a particular building and the format of a sports complex. To get advice and calculate the cost of LED screens, leave a request in our online chat.

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