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About us

GTLight is a company that makes LED screens and makes them well. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed not tens, not hundreds, but thousands of screens. The goal of any client is to receive equipment that is reliable and that solves his specific tasks. And we create the best products on the market for that.


  • We have been making screens for over 15 years. This is important because we have accumulated tremendous experience, we know everything about technology, new products and component manufacturers. Made thousands of screens. Screens that really work.
  • Our equipment is not just a constructor made of Chinese modules. We design the screens ourselves. And these are professional-grade screens in which we are responsible for every screw.
  • We can make the really best offer in terms of price and quality. Such giants as Lenta, Magnit, Russian Railways, and the Ministry of Emergencies work with us. That is, such companies in which suppliers go through the most severe selection, as in space flights! They don't waste a dime, and only the manufacturers offering the most profitable option can work with them. Cheaper and better quality than any other Russian company, and even the Chinese.
  • We are able to solve complex problems. Every year we implement dozens of government contracts. Only an industry leader can win a tender from a state-owned company, and at the same time successfully pass a project with such requirements as in public procurement.
  • We manufacture screens with any characteristics. No other company has such a range of components. Any non-standard solutions. Complex installations. Bearing structures. Additional functions. Adaptation to the site, climate, software development - we do it all.

An LED screen is an expensive piece of equipment. And if the client wants to be sure that the money will not be spent in vain, then this is for us. We earn our clients by real work, and not by chance. Our customers do not spend money, they invest it in equipment that will definitely pay off.

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