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Hangers for rental LED screens, view 1

Hangers for rental LED screens

These hangers are necessary for attaching rolling-type LED screens to various structures, from any supporting elements to quickly collapsible rod systems and trusses.

The best mounting system for rolling screens

Thanks to our vast experience in the production and installation of rolled type LED screens, we understand how important the quality and accuracy of suspensions is. Suspensions, first of all, depend on how smooth and seamless LED canvas you can create.

Also, suspensions are one of the key points in the entire LED screen mounting system, so reliability in this case is a priority factor.

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Hangers for rental LED screens, view 3

Convenient and reliable fastening system

The LED block is attached to the suspension using two latching mechanisms located in the inner part of the metal case. This mechanism fixes the fastening of the LED block in the locks.

The latching mechanism has a convenient latch for the fastest and most reliable mounting and dismounting of the LED unit. These locks are made of steel.

The suspension itself is fastened using a central ring located in the upper center of the suspension. The suspension can be mounted on various fastening options: building structures, load-bearing elements of buildings and structures, individual structures, trusses, beams or spatial rod systems.

Hangers for rental LED screens, view 6
Hangers for rental LED screens, view 2

Seamless LED strip

In order for your LED screen to have an even and seamless canvas, the suspensions on which it is attached must be perfectly flat and not have any protruding fragments.

Due to strict adherence to documentation, high manufacturing accuracy and fine welding work, the suspensions from the GT Light company allow you to create a perfectly flat LED strip of a rolling screen. They do not distort or distort the canvas along different axes.

Hangers for rental LED screens, view 5
Hangers for rental LED screens, view 4

Making suspensions for any block

There is a separate workshop for the production of these suspensions for rolling-type LED screens at the production site of the GT Light company in Russia.

We can design and manufacture a suspension for any LED rolling block, taking into account its size, technical and design features, as well as the maximum allowable weight. Today, manufacturers of LED screens have the same system of block fastening, as well as fixing locks, have uniform standards, so our suspensions are suitable for any rental screen.

In the manufacture of hangers, GT Light uses a CNC metal milling machine, table drilling machine, plate bending machine, laser welding machine, sandblasting and painting machine.

To calculate the cost of a suspension for your rental type LED screen, please contact our specialists at the specified phone number or through the feedback form.

The cost

Pixel pitch Size Cost
P3 mm, P6 mm 576 х 55 х 50 mm from $28
P4 mm 512 х 54 х 50 mm from $25
P4 mm 512 х 85 х 50 mm from $27
P4.81 mm 500 х 69 х 50 mm from $29
P4.81 mm 500 х 58 х 50 mm from $24
P5 mm 640 х 54 х 50 mm from $30