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LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 3

LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2

LED module with P5 mm pixel pitch for building interior screens.

Lightweight body, high brightness and improved contrast

We present you a new LED module for interior use, in which the main advantages are an improved and lightweight housing, the best for building the fifth step SMD diodes 2121 with a black frame and a darkened reflective element, an updated protective mask, as well as 18 technological holes for fastening and a silicone gasket.

The P5 module with a brightness of 1600 cd / m2 is an excellent solution for almost any interior LED screen, taking into account its technical characteristics and cost. The scope of application is very wide, since pixel pitch allows for good resolution at small screen sizes. It can be both small advertising stands and shop windows, and radius screens for atriums in shopping and entertainment centers.

LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 1

Module specifications

This module is designed to build indoor LED screens. Thanks to the pixel pitch of P5 mm, you can create a high-quality picture with good resolution with a small canvas size.

The peak brightness of 1600 cd / m2 is more than enough for use in rooms with active artificial lighting. With such an indicator of the brightness of the video screen, the displayed picture looks great and does not fade from light sources. Module size 320x160x20 mm. Resolution 64x32 px. Weight 0.35 kg. Pixel shaping type SMD.

  • Detailed specifications
    Model GT5-ISX-V
    Application Indoor
    Pixel pitch P5 mm
    Min. sensing distance 3.75 м
    LED type / LED color 1 (1RGB SMD) / Full colour
    Number of reproducible shades 281.5 trillion
    Peak brightness 1600 cd/m2
    Contrast 1000:1
    Refresh Rate / Frame Rate / Sweep 1000 Hz / 65-70 Hz / 1/2
    Dimensions of the visible area of the module 0.32 х 0.16 m (area 0.05 sq.)
    Aspect ratio 2 : 1
    Module resolution 64 х 32 px
    Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 140 (110) degrees / 140 (110) degrees
    Module size 320 х 160 mm
    Net weight / Gross weight / Volume 3.55 kg / 3.94 kg / 0.02 cubic meters
    Power consumption max / avg 0.22 kWh / 0.11 kWh
    Body material Plastic
    Service Rear
    Front surface protection class IP65 in accordance with GOST 14254-96
    Control interface DVI-D
    System input format NTSC/PAL/RGB VGA
    Operating temperature -60..+70°С
    Estimated Screen Life (hours) 100 000
    Guarantee 1 year
LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 4

New LED module design

The module is designed for the assembly of indoor LED screens, therefore, it is designed according to the IP43 standard, protection against small foreign bodies with a diameter of more than 1 mm and water drops. The housing of the LED module is made of durable heat-resistant plastic.

LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 5
LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, вид 5

The case, designed by our company, allowed to significantly reduce the weight, while maintaining the rigidity and strength of the entire structure. If you look at the photo, you can see that the module frame has internal stiffening ribs over the entire surface.

LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 2

High contrast image

This module uses new 5th step SMD diodes 2121 with a black frame and a darkened reflective element. The module's protective face mask completely covers the sides of the LEDs and is covered with an anti-reflective coating. All these points allowed to achieve high contrast rates, even in high ambient light conditions.

In addition to contrast, the module has an improved black level. The used SMD diodes, in comparison with the usual ones, made it possible to darken the LED canvas by 35%, which undoubtedly had a favorable effect on the picture quality.

LED module, indoor, P5, 320x160 mm, 1600 cd/m2, view 7

Fast and high-quality assembly

Often, the speed and quality of video screen assembly depends on the convenience of the design of the module itself. In order to achieve a perfectly flat surface of the LED strip, two additional leveling elements are provided on the rear side of the module.

Fastening of LED models to the block is carried out with six M3 10 mm bolts. Four mounting holes are located in the corners of the module, the other two are in the middle of the upper and lower parts of the frame. If necessary, the module has technological holes for a silicone gasket.

Benefits of 5th pixel pitch

The indicator for the minimum distance of image perception is a priority for screens for interior use. The minimum distance of the 5th step is formed from 3.75 meters, which allows using this module on small concert and theater stages, where the distance to the nearest spectator is from 3 meters.

Also on the P5 module, more compact diodes are used, measuring 2.5 x 2.5 mm, which has a beneficial effect on the pixel density. For example, a video screen with a pixel pitch of P10 and a size of 4160x2880 mm will receive a resolution of 416 x 288 pixels, while a screen resolution on a P5 with the same size will be 832 x 576 pixels.