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LED video board

It is difficult to imagine a modern sports arena without the accompaniment of its special cyclical advertising around the perimeter of the playing field. The LED perimeter has long taken its unconditional place in the design of every more or less large stadium as a technological means of displaying advertising information.

LED video board, photo 1

Our perimeters are made up of several video blocks, the size of which varies depending on the required characteristics of the final screen. The front of the screen is represented by LED modules that reproduce any text and graphic information, as well as animation, as static or dynamic advertising.

LED video board, photo 2

Such a means of visual display of information is a very convenient, ergonomic and at the same time very economical way of using the useful space during sports competitions. Usually sponsors of the event, partners or organizers of competitions place their information on the surface of the video board.

In addition to high-quality video boards, the GT Light company can make for you an excellent slatted media facade that can decorate the walls of your company and convey useful and important information to the audience.

LED video board, photo 4