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Digital supersite 15x5 m

The two-way digital supersite produced by GT Light is a reliable and effective large-format advertising medium. The size of LED screens is 15x5 m. Pixel pitch is P10 mm. Brightness 8000 cd / sq. m

Digital Super Site Specifications

The super site is developed on the basis of durable and reliable LED modules of our own production for outdoor use with a pixel pitch of P10 mm. This module has established itself as one of the most secure, it is adapted to harsh environmental conditions.

The module has a peak brightness of 8000 cd / m2, which is more than enough for outdoor use. The playback image will not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.

The size of the LED screen is 15.04 mx 4.96 m, the resolution is 1504 x 496 px, the consumption is 26.62 kW / h, the weight of one screen is 1824.76 kg. Also, this LED modul has wide viewing angles of 140/140 degrees. Below are the detailed specifications of the screen.

  • Detailed specifications
    Model GT10-ОSX-V
    Application Outdoor
    Pixel pitch P10 mm
    Min. sensing distance 7.5 m
    LED type / LED color 1 (1RGB SMD) / Full colour
    LED production National Star
    Number of reproducible shades 281,5 trillion
    Peak brightness 8000 cd/m2
    Contrast 1000:1
    Refresh Rate / Frame Rate / Sweep 1800 Hz / 65-70 Hz / 1/2
    Visible screen size 15.04 х 4.96 m (screen area 74.6 m2)
    Aspect ratio 15 : 5
    Screen resolution 1504 х 496 px
    Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 140 (110) degrees / 140 (110) degrees
    Number of modules 1457 (47 х 31) units
    Module size 320 х 160 mm
    Net weight / Gross weight / Volume 1824.76 kg / 2007.24 kg / 27.08 cubic meters
    Power consumption max/avg 53.24 kWh / 26.62 kWh
    Block material Aluminum Composite Panel
    Источник питания G-Energy
    Service Frontal
    Front surface protection class IP43 in accordance with GOST 14254-96
    IP43 in accordance with GOST 14254-96 DVI-D
    System input format NTSC/PAL/RGB VGA
    Operating temperature 0..+40°С
    Estimated Screen Life (hours) 100.000, over 11 years
    Guarantee 1 year
Digital supersite 15x5 m, view 3

Features of the supporting structure of the supersite

Our company has its own design and installation department, therefore, is able to manufacture and install any metal structure. The most popular types of digital supersites today are one-sided, 15x5 meters, and double-sided, the same size. Bilateral, in most cases, have a dovetail design, i.e. LED canvases are installed at an angle with a mirror reflection. The average foot height is 20 meters.

Digital supersite 15x5 m, view 4

The dovetail design is the most effective option for super sites, because covers the largest number of viewers from different required viewing angles. The supporting structure is designed taking into account the quick and easy rear maintenance of LED screens, all the necessary auxiliary elements are provided, no additional special equipment is required.

Adapted to various conditions. 5 year warranty*

* The 5-year warranty applies to high-end LED screens. The standard warranty period is 1 year.

The protective materials used in the production of outdoor LED modules prevent oxidation and corrosion of the equipment by chemical reagents that are used to treat the roadway.

The inner front part of the LED modules is filled with a multi-component compound. The printed circuit boards are covered with high-quality varnish, it prevents oxidation and corrosion of the equipment by chemical reagents with which the roadway is treated.

In the production of LED screens, our company uses only high-quality and proven components. After production, LED units undergo the necessary checks and tests in various conditions. During the installation of LED equipment, our specialist is present who carries out the interconnection (power and signal), and also controls the quality of the installation of the blocks as a whole. And that is why we are confident in our equipment and can give a guarantee up to 5 years.

During the entire warranty period, GT Light carries out free repair and replacement of faulty LED screen elements.

Digital supersite 15x5 m, view 6

Security protocol control

The control system of LED screens from the manufacturer Novastar transmits a signal using a protective protocol, interference in the display and freezing of the picture are excluded. Novastar's screen management software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you can update content as quickly as possible.

In most cases, screens are controlled directly via the Internet using an industrial 4G modem. The required content is uploaded once to the playlist, time limits are set for each position. This control system also has the ability to update content via a Wi-Fi network with a high level of protection against unauthorized hacking. Content is downloaded in a 4G hotspot via a laptop or tablet.