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LED screen for a taxi car, view 5

Taxi LED screens

Advertising on screens in a taxi is an effective solution both for promoting your own taxi service and for selling advertising time. The LED screen on the car invariably attracts attention and, moreover, such advertising is constantly in motion.

LED screen for a taxi car, view 1

Taxi LED display is installed on the roof of the car. The design is securely fixed with special fasteners, and thanks to the optimally selected dimensions, the screen is not exposed to significant wind loads and does not create obstacles to the movement of the car.

  • You can install the LED display on any taxi car, the make and model do not matter. Due to its low weight and compactness, the screen does not damage the surface of the car.
  • The brightness of the diodes guarantees excellent visibility of information on the screen in bright sun, at night and at dusk.
  • The device is easily connected through the cigarette lighter using an adapter. And simple controls make it easy to change the information on the screen.
LED screen for a taxi car, view 2

The LED screen on the roof of the car is designed for long-term operation, is not afraid of moisture and other external influences, and also does not require complex maintenance.

LED screen for a taxi car, view 4
* he service trademark and partial design of the vehicle is Yandex. Taxi belongs to the company Yandex.

LED mobile screens

Today the mobile LED screen on the car is considered one of the most effective marketing techniques. Such solutions are especially relevant for mobile offices, when carrying out various advertising campaigns.

Advantages of LED mobile screens

  • The ability to combine dynamic and static advertising;
  • The relevance of the broadcast information;
  • Constructional reliability of the screen, resistance to negative environmental influences;
  • Efficiency and reliability of installation;
  • High availability state. LED-screens on cars manufactured by DzhTi Light are autonomous complexes equipped with diesel generators, an air conditioning system and a full-fledged operator's place. If it is necessary to improve visibility on the site, we recommend equipping the video equipment with lifting mechanisms;
  • Transportability. A mobile led screen installed on a car chassis (Gazelle, Volvo, Isuzu, MAN, Ford and so on) will quickly arrive at the venue. All that remains is to lift the protective roller shutter, start the diesel generator set or connect to the mains (depending on the type of video screen).
LED mobile screens, photo 1
LED mobile screens, photo 2
LED mobile screens, photo 3

Our company is ready to offer a high-quality led screen for cars of any size and type. A preliminary calculation of the video screen can be done on the website or send us a request. Experienced specialists will competently design, manufacture and install the monitor, ensure its reliable fastening and adjustment of the control system.

We guarantee the exceptional quality of the supplied equipment and services. Mobile video screens from JT Light have a long working life, which allows them to remain reliable and effective advertising media for a long time.