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LED pylons

The LED pole is a highly effective way to convey advertising and informational video messages to the viewer.

Pylon specifications

The presented pylon is designed on the basis of LED modules for interior use with a pixel pitch of P 4mm. This module has a peak brightness of 1200 cd / m2, which is sufficient for indoor use. The playback image will not fade even when exposed to sunlight.

Today, P 4mm pitch can be called one of the best solutions for interior screens, only 3 mm and 2.5 mm are better. One of the important points is that high resolution is achieved with small dimensions of the LED strip. Thanks to the use of black SMD LEDs, the image will be rich and contrasting. Also, this type of LED is characterized by wide viewing angles of 140/140 degrees.

LED pylons, size

The size of the LED screen is 1024 x 1792 mm, the resolution is 256 x 448 px, the consumption is 0.65 kW, the weight of the entire pylon is 120 kg. The dimensions of the LED pylon are 1100 x 2520 x 103 mm (W x H x D).

  • Detailed specifications
    Model SMD GT-P4-ISX 256*128 Hub75
    Application Indoor
    Pixel pitch P4 mm
    Min. sensing distance 3 m
    LED type / LED color 1 (1RGB SMD) / Full color
    Number of reproducible shades 281.5 trillion
    Peak brightness 1200 cd/m2
    Contrast 2000:1
    Refresh Rate / Frame Rate / Sweep up to 1800 Hz / 65-70 Hz / 1/2
    Dimensions of the visible area of the block 1.024 х 1.792 m (1.84 m2 screen area)
    Aspect ratio 4 : 7
    Block resolution 256 х 448 px
    Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 140 (110) gr. / 140 (110) gr.
    Number of modules 56 (4 x 14) pcs.
    Module size 256 х 128 mm
    Net weight / Gross weight / Volume 46.79 kg / 51.46 kg / 0.67 cubic meters.
    Power consumption max/avg 1.32 kWh / 0.66 kWh
    Block material Aluminum composite panel
    Power supply G-Energy
    Service Frontal
    Front surface protection class IP43 in accordance with GOST 14254-96
    Control interface DVI-D
    System input format NTSC/PAL/RGB VGA
    Operating temperature 0..+40°С
    Estimated screen life (hours) 100 000, over 11 years
    Guarantee 1 year
LED pylons, view 3

Pylon design features

The main body of the LED pylon is made of aluminum composite panel. Internal supporting metal structure is made of steel. The back cover is removable for service.

The LED pylon is designed in such a way that it can be placed almost anywhere. The pylon is equipped with a three-piece retractable support system. If it is necessary to install the pylon in the center of the room, the supports are extended for a more stable condition.

In the event that the pylon is installed tightly against the wall, the rear telescopic supports are retracted back into the body, thereby saving useful space. The supports are also removed if there is a need to create a double-sided pylon, i.e. two pylons are installed with the back wall to each other.

LED pylons, view 2

Scope of application of LED pylons

LED pylons can reproduce absolutely any information, they are quite mobile, they occupy less than 1 sq. m, and also have a high brightness of the LED strip. And that is why the scope of application is wide enough. The presented view of the pylon is designed for indoor use, but if necessary, we can design an outdoor solution.

This type of equipment is perfect for trade and information industries, catering establishments, as well as advertising agencies and financial and credit organizations. In general, in any premises where large crowds of people are concentrated and where advertising can be broadcast.

LED pylons, view 1

High safety class

The LED pylons are equipped with an intelligent cooling system that monitors the temperature inside the case. If the system overheats, we turn on six fans that are installed on the sides of the case. If, for some reason, the cooling system does not cope, then it disconnects all power supplies from electricity.

The main body of the LED pylon is made of fireproof (non-combustible) aluminum composite panel. The panels belong to the class of fire safety of building materials KM1, to the flammability group G1. Also, if necessary, it is possible to equip the LED pylon with a smoke sensor. In general, the LED pole has a high safety class.

LED pylons, view 4

Development of individual design

In addition to the presented standard solution, we can offer an LED pole with an individual design based on the corporate identity of a company or, for example, a shopping center.

As for the color of the aluminum composite panel from which the base of the case is made, there are only 75 colors, including the texture of wood, stone and quartz. In the event that from the presented ACP colors nothing came up and there is a need to strictly adhere to the corporate colors, then it is possible to apply a self-adhesive film to the body, on which any graphics can be printed.