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LED video floor

The design of the video floor is unique in that it can withstand colossal loads weighing almost two thousand kilograms per 2 m2. Its upper part, called the front, is usually covered with special glass of an increased wear resistance class or transparent acrylic one and a half centimeters thick.

Video floors produce high contrast images sufficient for optimal performance in any room. Thanks to the use of SMD LEDs in the design, viewers have a wide viewing angle from both horizontal and vertical angles of 1400.

Not the last advantage of the LED video floor is its light weight, which allows complete installation and disassembly of the structure in the shortest possible time. In addition, it can be used as a conventional video screen using vertical mounting of blocks, which are equipped with reliable and durable fasteners along the entire perimeter of the base.

The LED video floor helps to decorate any event with fabulous visual accompaniment. A unique effect can be achieved when the video sequence on the floor blocks is completely synchronized with the musical accompaniment and choreography of the dancers, or the program of other artists performing the number on the video floor.

GT Light also produces high-quality creeping lines for the street, which will be an excellent addition to the advertising support of your product or company.