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LED screens for shops

Shop LED display is a universal solution that allows you to solve several problems at once. A lightbox showcase with an LED screen attracts the attention of potential buyers, allows you to effectively convey information about the product, promotions and discounts at the point of sale, and also increases customer loyalty to the brand.

5.952 х 3.456 m
1984 х 1152 px
Peak screen brightness 1600 cd/m2.
Consumption: (max) 8.58 kWh, (average) 4.29 kWh
8.064 х 1.152 m
2688 х 384 px
Peak screen brightness 1600 cd/m2.
Consumption: (max) 3.96 kWh, (average) 1.98 kWh
9.6 х 4.8 m
960 х 480 px
Peak screen brightness 8000 cd/m2.
Consumption: (max) 16.5 kWh, (average) 8.25 kWh

Showcase LED screens have appeared quite recently, but have already proven their effectiveness as a tool for increasing sales. Such a design of the outlet makes it stand out from the line of competitors, which is especially important in large shopping centers or on large streets where shops occupy all the first floors of houses. Video showcases significantly expand the owner's ability to attract buyers due to interactivity and wide functionality.

Showcases for shops are small interior screens that are fixed behind glass on special thin cables. The video display cabinet, which can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, can be made in several versions.

  • Double-sided screen with displays on both sides;
  • Backside banner screen;
  • Screen with lightbox on the back.
LED screens for shops, photo 1

Various design methods for the rear side of the display allow you to choose the option that is optimal in terms of cost and functionality for each client. In any case, the back surface of the screen will also be used for advertising purposes and will not violate the overall style of the outlet.

A video display cabinet will be a great addition to a standard sign. Thanks to the small pixel pitch, the image on it will always be bright, clear and detailed. In addition, the display in the shop window is located directly at the level of the eyes of customers, and dynamic images invariably catch the eye.

LED pylons

LED pylon is a universal tool for displaying static images and videos of an advertising and informational nature. The structure consists of a case made of an aluminum composite panel and an interior LED screen integrated into it. The inner bearing part of the pylon is made of steel, the rear part is removable for easy maintenance of the screen.

LED screens for shops, photo 4

You can install an ice pylon anywhere in the room. To increase stability in open space, the structure provides retractable supports on the back. If it is necessary to install the pylon close to the wall, the supports are simply retracted into the case, saving the useful area of the trading floor. By connecting the two pylons, we have a two-sided model with two information displays on both sides.

The light pylon occupies about 1 m2 area. At the same time, the structure is quite lightweight, stable, it can be moved from place to place. If necessary, we are ready to make an LED pylon not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use.

Thanks to an intelligent cooling system, the equipment is reliably protected from overheating during operation. 6 fans keep the temperature at a safe level, and if overheated, the device will automatically de-energize. A high level of safety is also achieved through the use of non-combustible materials for the body, as well as the ability to equip the device with smoke sensors.

You can order an LED pylon in a standard version, as well as on an individual project, taking into account the corporate identity of the customer company or the shopping center where the equipment is planned to be installed.

To calculate prices for video display cabinets and LED pylons, contact the company's manager. The specialist will tell you in detail about the models and capabilities of our production, help you choose the option that is optimal in terms of functionality and technical characteristics, and organize prompt delivery of products to any region.

Video display cabinets from the manufacturer

It is doubly profitable to order an LED display for a showcase directly from the manufacturer. You get a guarantee of a fair price without intermediaries' extra charges and confidence in the high quality of equipment.

LED screens for shops, photo 5

All screens are manufactured in our factory from proven components from the world's leading brands. Over the years, we have selected the best brands of diodes, power supplies and other equipment that are reliable and durable in operation.

Leave a request on our website or contact the company manager by phone. Our specialist will help you choose a model taking into account the size of the showcase, the distance to the audience and the way the rear side of the screen is designed, as well as calculate the exact cost of the video showcase.