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Product сatalog

LED screen cabinets

Cabinets are a ready-made solution for self-construction LED screens for outdoor and indoor use.

The cabinet is assembled in our production, tested and completely ready for use. The set includes: LED modules, receiving cards, power supplies, a set of cables, an aluminum composite panel case.

LED modules

GT series - for building LED screens for outdoor and indoor use.

We manufacture about 95% of all LED equipment from this series, including outdoor led screens, indoor LED screens, sports scoreboards, LED traffic sign and variable information signs etc.

Media facades

GTW series - for building LED media facades with a high percentage of light transmittance

From this series, we manufacture LED media facades, the distinctive feature of which is low weight and light transmittance from 35 to 70%.

LED shelf talkers

LED shelf talkers - a new high-performance digital format for counter and store shelves

We manufacture LED digital shelf talkers based on specialized modules with pixel pitches of P2 mm, P1.875 mm, P1.5625 and P1.25 mm.