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LED shelf talkers

LED shelf talkers - a new high-performance digital format for counter and store shelves

We manufacture LED digital shelf talkers based on specialized modules with pixel pitch of P2 mm, P1.875 mm, P1.5625 and P1.25 mm.

Modern marketers use a variety of methods to highlight certain products on store shelves, convey the necessary information to potential consumers and increase their loyalty.

The digital shelf talker is one of the most effective tools for increasing profits in trading. According to statistics: Digital labels can increase sales up to 40%. At the same time, economic benefits are also achieved due to about 20% reduction in the cost of promoting goods.

LED shelf talkers, photo 7

The LED shelf talker is a small elongated LED screen that is fixed on the shelf and allows you to display the cost of the product, information about it, images and promotional videos.

What does the use of an LED shelf talker give:

  • Drawing attention to a specific product or group of products;
  • The ability to quickly change content, including automatically;
  • Demonstration of any static and dynamic information;
  • Increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness;
  • Saving money for printing price tags and promotional materials;
  • Extensive interactive opportunities to interact with the audience.

Electronic shelf labels for stores are instantly eye-catching because they are strikingly different from traditional ones. A bright, clear and contrasting image on the LED display is perfectly distinguishable even from a long distance and in conditions of bright lighting of the sales area.

LED shelf talkers from GT Light

The electronic price tags offered by our company are made at our own LED production.

We use only proven, reliable components, and the presence of 2 production sites in China and Russia allows us to offer our customers the best prices for products and minimum delivery times, regardless of the batch size.

A well-thought-out control system allows you to change content at any time, including at the same time on all devices connected to the network. You will also be able to adjust the scenario of shelf talkers' work by insisting the mode of displaying information, taking into account the time of day, promotions, product balances, etc.

Parameters of LED shelf talkers

  • Height - 50/60/64 mm;
  • Length - from 400 to 1400 mm;
  • Permission per m2 - 250,000/284 444/409 600;
  • Module size - 128x64 / 200x50 / 300x60 / 600x60 mm;
  • Weight - from 1.2 to 5.6 kg;
  • Brightness - over 800 cd/m2;

You can ask questions about digital price tags, their cost and terms of cooperation by contacting the company manager.