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Shipping and payment

Delivery of orders to the regions is performed by a transport company. The GT Light company cooperates with several shopping centers, which allows the client to choose the optimal delivery conditions.

Led equipment is transported by rail, road, water or air transport. Established relations with carriers and well-built logistics allow us to guarantee timely delivery to the most remote and inaccessible localities of our country, including the far North. We will offer the best delivery option, taking into account the schedules of transport and water navigation. The cost of delivery depends on the size of the cargo and the distance of the destination from Novokuznetsk, where the main capacities of our company are concentrated.

To calculate the exact amount of the delivery, please contact our Manager. The specialist will calculate the cost of the equipment, as well as specify the weight of the screen, which will allow you to quickly get delivery prices from transport companies.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance during transportation is provided by the transport company. Detailed insurance conditions can be found on the official website of the selected carrier.

Cargo packaging

All products are carefully Packed before shipment, which guarantees the safety of the equipment during transportation.

To protect the led web, an air-bubble film and foam are used. The block cases are Packed in a stretch film with protective foam corners. If necessary, led modules can be additionally protected by rigid packaging: wooden crate or pallet frame.


The GT Light company can offer various forms and payment schedules, taking into account the wishes and capabilities of the customer.

In most cases, payment is made according to the scheme-80% prepayment within 3 days after signing the contract and 20% upon receipt of the order.

If the GT Light company itself produces metal structures, a separate contract is concluded, and payment for its design and manufacture is made at the same time as the prepayment for led equipment. This is done to save time. As a result, the metal structure will already be installed by the day of arrival of the LED equipment.

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