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The first GTLight LED screen appeared in the united cinema network Formula Kino/Cinema Park

Federal cinema chains are switching to LED screens for broadcasting announcements and screening schedules.

LED screens for cinemas are used not only in auditoriums. GTLight LED screens are also used as information boards, which display movie announcements and screening schedules. One of these screens appeared in the Formula Kino cinema in the City Mall shopping mall. Now visitors will be able to see useful information in high resolution, and the management of the cinema network will be able to create their own broadcast scenarios with changing commercials, advertisements and schedules.

Characteristics of GTLight screen for Formula Cinema:

  • Size 9600x2240 mm
  • Pixel pitch 2.5 mm
  • Resolution 3840x896 px

GTLight specialists combined 2 outputs from a video card into 1 desktop, which made it possible to use Scala Player, a specialized software solution for cinemas, restaurants, concert venues and other entertainment establishments, during the implementation of the project, and ensure smooth, reliable and uninterrupted playback of content.

Lightweight media screen. To reduce the load on the load-bearing wall, the method of mounting the screen on profiles was chosen. The cabinetless assembly made it possible to provide the necessary level of security for visitors, since the screen is located at a considerable height directly above the entrance to the cinema.

Thanks to the use of LED modules with a fine pixel pitch, we were able to achieve high resolution. Excellent picture quality without graininess and blurring is a prerequisite for broadcasting text content, as well as videos with a lot of small details.

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