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LED road signs GTLight appeared on the roads of the Novosibirsk region

The roads of the Novosibirsk region have become safer. GT Light specialists installed 2 new LED boards on one of the tracks. The LED equipment was commissioned by a local road company and will be used to broadcast useful information for drivers.
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Since a Russian company was engaged in the manufacture of the scoreboard, the characteristics and functionality of the equipment fully comply with the requirements of the current GOSTs. Significant size of road signs guarantees excellent visibility of information at a great distance. The area of ​​each display is almost 12 m2. The production used LED modules of monochrome (red) glow.

Traffic scoreboards GTLight

LED blocks are adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Siberia. The scoreboards are resistant to sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, and the body material is not afraid of the impact of road reagents.

The peculiarity of the GTLight traffic boards is a control system based on 3G data transmission technology. You can display any text information on the screens and quickly change it in real time.

The first board was installed on the road near the village of Verkh-Tula, the second 5 kilometers further on a new highway under construction.

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