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Installing a super site in Krasnodar

In record time, the installation of a LED super-site was completed according to an individual project in Krasnodar. The digital superboard is unique not only for the city, but for the entire Krasnodar Territory.
Installing a super site in Krasnodar, photo 1

The supersite GT Light is installed in the central part of Krasnodar in the Severnye Bridges region. Double-sided design, "Dovetail" model. Two LED screens, each measuring 75 m2, are located at an acute angle to each other. Such a technical solution allows you to achieve the maximum viewing angle of the displays and cover as many viewers as possible.

Features of the project

During the implementation of the project, GT Light specialists had to solve several non-standard tasks at once. A prerequisite for trouble-free operation was high resistance to wind loads. The company's engineers developed a special design for the supporting structure, reinforcing standard metal trusses so that the super site could easily withstand even hurricane winds.

The hot climate of Krasnodar also required improvements in the standard design. To prevent the risk of overheating of the equipment during production, special cases of LED blocks were used. Another feature of the Krasnodar supersite is a double cooling system, which allows equipment to easily endure heat up to 70 °C.

Super site characteristics:

  • The size of one information field is 15x5 m;
  • The height of the supporting structure is 20 m;
  • Pixel pitch 10 mm;
  • The brightness of the LEDs is 8000 cd/m2.

The high brightness of the diodes is the key to excellent visibility of information on the screen, even in direct sunlight. A ladder is provided to service the structure. The equipment has a 3-year warranty.

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