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Media facades

We have been producing media facades of various types and pixel pitches for over 8 years. Assembly line in Russia. High level of manufacturing quality control, up to 5 years warranty. Cost from $1221 per sq. m.

What is a media facade and what are its benefits

A media facade is the most effective outdoor advertising medium. The media facade is the same LED screen, but with a lightweight and translucent design. Thanks to this, these screens can be mounted on glass facades while maintaining the ingress of daylight and visibility.

In most cases, media facades cover almost the entire area of the facade of buildings, and are of impressive size. Combined with a dynamic picture, the media façade attracts the maximum possible amount of attention, and therefore also serious advertisers aiming at long-term cooperation.

LED rack cabinet P32 mm, 8000 cd/m2, view 2, for media facade
Rack media facade P32 mm, 8000 cd/m2, view 2

Let's consider some of the most important advantages of this equipment in comparison with LED screens built from conventional blocks:

  • Translucent lattice structure of the block, does not block the ingress of daylight, does not create serious weight and wind loads;
  • The ability to cover large areas, including full coverage of the facade of buildings;
  • The fastening method allows for quick installation, dismantling and replacement of the rack blocks of the media facade;
  • The degree of protection of the rack blocks is IP68, which assumes full protection against dust and water ingress during temporary immersion in water;
  • Stable work in various climatic zones of Russia, namely the arctic, subarctic and temperate zones;
  • An intelligent security and power supply system that monitors the performance of the entire media facade and, in case of overheating, turns off the power to critical units, also non-combustible materials are used in the unit, 80% aluminum;
  • Possibility of installing an additional intelligent cooling system.
LED rack units cabinets, view 3, for media facade

Varieties of media facades

Today there are only three types of media facades: rack, pixel (cluster) and acrylic. Each of these types has its own area of application and purpose.

Let's consider these types of media facades in more detail and reveal the most important points. It will start with the most common type - a slatted media facade.

Rack media facade

LED rack cabinet P32 mm, 8000 cd/m2, view 1, for media facade
Rack media facade P32 mm, 8000 cd / m2, view 1

We produce media facades with a pixel pitch from 16 mm to 32 mm, there is no need for a larger or smaller pitch. When using the 16th step, you can achieve a good resolution of the picture with a size of 12 x 6 m. Installation is carried out on the facade of the building on a prepared metal structure, the distance from the building is about 15 cm. Light transmission is from 40 to 60%. Rack blocks are easy to install and maintain.

Pixelated media facades

Pixel media facade P100 mm, 7000 cd/m2, view 1
Pixel media facade P100 mm, 7000 cd/m2, view 1

The pixel media façade has one important advantage - the absence of a rigid block structure. Those. if the building has a complex facade with curvature along several axes, then the pixel media facade will perfectly describe the image of the building. This type is the most light-transmitting, from 60 to 80%. Installation is carried out on metal cables and horizontal guides.

Acrylic media facades

Acrylic media facade P16 mm, 7000 cd/m2, view 1
Acrylic media facade P16 mm, 7000 cd/m2, view 1

The rarest media facade is acrylic. It is rare due to its high cost and method of fastening. The media facade is mounted on vertical rails, inside the building, behind the glass. Available pixel steps from 10 to 16 mm. Light transmittance from 50 to 70%. It is mainly used to build small areas, shop windows, restaurants, etc.

LED rack cabinet, 500x1000 mm, P16, view 1

Recommendations for choosing a media facade

Of course, the choice of a media facade depends on many nuances, including the scope and purpose. But taking into account our experience of work in Russia, the media facade is the most suitable solution in 95% of cases.

LED rack cabinet, 500x1000 mm, P16, view 5

Therefore, in our opinion, the most optimal choice is a media facade with a 16 mm pixel pitch. Using this type and this pixel pitch, you can build an LED media facade with a good picture resolution with small canvas areas, for example, from 72 sq. m. The peak brightness of the block is 8000 cd / m2. sq., this suggests that with direct sunlight, the picture will not fade.

LED rack units cabinets, view 1

Cost of media facades

The final cost of a media facade depends on the selected configuration and area, therefore, a more accurate calculation, as well as discounts, can be obtained from our managers. It should be noted that the metal structure for our media facades is included in the delivery set.

Let's consider examples of the cost of a media facade on a rack type, since they are the most popular. With the basic configuration, the price per square meter of the 16th step will start from USD 1,591. P31 / 16mm - from USD 1,350 per square meter. P31mm - From $ 1221 per sq. m. P25 mm - from 1580 USD per sq. m.

Design for LED rack media facade cabinet

Installation of media facades

We install and maintain media facades not only in Russia, but all over the world. The remoteness of the object does not matter to us. The company employs 11 experienced specialists who will accurately and quickly install any media facade.

The metal structure that is mounted on the building facade is included in the delivery set of the media facade, so there are no additional costs for fastening systems. The media facade itself is installed on the metal structure. Rack blocks have two snap locks and two additional latches. Installation of one unit and its connection takes no more than 5 minutes.