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The GTLight screen appeared in the Arctic Circle

Another project of the company was implemented in the capital of Taimyr, the city of Dudinka, in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic.

GTLight, as a domestic manufacturer of LED screens, pays great attention to adapting equipment to difficult Russian conditions. Proof of successful work in this direction are our projects in remote regions, where screens and media facades have to work in 50-degree heat or 70-degree frost. One of the latest projects of this kind is a facade LED screen in Dudinka.

The project was implemented as part of a large-scale 5-year program to support the indigenous minorities of Taimyr. The city authorities plan to use the screen for mass information of citizens, demonstration of social advertising, statistics on coronavirus infection, etc.

Характеристики светодиодного экрана:

  • size 9,6х6,72m;
  • pixel pitch Р10mm;
  • Power supplies Mean Well;
  • LED modules NationStar 1260 pcs.

The GTLight screen is mounted on the end wall of a residential building, but residents should not worry that the equipment will create any inconvenience. The auto dimming function only brightens the light in bright sunlight to ensure excellent image visibility. If there is little natural light, the screen itself reduces the brightness, since the picture looks brighter at dusk. Thanks to this function, energy consumption is also reduced, so that the equipment can be called energy-saving.

Installation of an LED screen in such difficult climatic conditions requires a special approach. During installation, part of the screen is not sealed, and all electrical and microcircuits are not protected from sleet. For more than 17 years of the company's work, the specialists of GT Light have implemented more than a dozen projects in permafrost conditions, which made it possible to cope with the installation in strict accordance with the project documentation.

There has never been a screen of this size (65 m2) in Dudinka. And given the premium components and the operating temperature range from +70 to -70 ° C, we can say that there are very few such LED screens throughout Russia.

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